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Christmas Cards with Bear Cubs Nature Play

Christmas Cards with Bear Cubs Nature Play

Posted by Bear Cub Nature Play on Dec 8th 2020

Learn how to make Christmas tree greeting cards with us for the holidays! Thanks, Bear Cubs Nature Play, for the lovely idea!

"We’re crafting again today creating Christmas tree cards with a collection of fern leaves we picked from this morning’s walk. Super simple and pretty effective! We just dipped them in a lovely green Natural Earth Paint and printed their leaves on the card. Kept [my little one] busy for a little while at least!"

Supplies: gathered leaves (ferns and pine branches work wonderfully), Natural Earth Paint, construction paper, paint brushes (optional)

1. Mix your Natural Earth Paint.

Green works great for realistic trees, but if you want to get creative, any color will do! 

2. Dip your leaves in the paint.

If you can't get good coverage on the leaves by just dipping, brush the paint on with a paint brush.

3. Press your leaf onto the paper paint-side down.

4. Let dry and enjoy!

Happy Holidays!