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Endless Summer Nature Crafts

Endless Summer Nature Crafts

Sep 8th 2012

As Summer is coming to an end we can keep our fun Summer memories alive with these all natural craft projects using found objects from nature and our biodegradable Earth Paints!

Painted Shell Collage

Materials: shells, Earth Paints, stiff paper board or scrap plywood, glue

This is a perfect way to use collections of shells that you collected at the beach this year and not just keep them in a bag all Winter.

  1. Paint them with Earth Paints
  2. Glue to a scrap piece of wood or stiff paper board in pretty patterns or in shape of animals, flowers, etc.

* Toddler Option: Instead of gluing them down, let your toddler sort, arrange, and put them in different containers. My 2 ½ year old was occupied with this for almost 2 hours and now keeps them in a little tin and rattles it around!

* Older Child/Adult Option: use a tiny brush to add tiny details

Natural Wizard Staffs & Fairy Wands

Materials: drift wood or sanded piece of wood, Earth Paints

  1. If you collected some driftwood from the beach you could use this or sand any long stick until smooth.
  2. Paint one solid color, let dry, and then paint designs to create magic wands, wizard staffs or fairy wands.
  3. Optional: Get creative and add feathers to the top, recycled ribbon streamers, glue on small stones or gems, use your imagination!

Nature Animals & Flower Petal Fairies

Materials: Fall leaves &/or flower petals, card stock, glue, Earth Paints (optional)

  1. Gather colorful Fall leaves and/ or any flower petals in nature or your own backyard.
  2. Glue on cardstock to create animals, wings, clothes, magic wands, etc.
  3. Use your Earth Paints or other natural materials to paint arms, legs, eyes, smiles, etc.