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How to Make Nature Masks

How to Make Nature Masks

Oct 6th 2012

In my most recent Toddler Nature Art Class we had a great time making Nature Masks in preparation for Halloween! You can incorporate any nature items that you find where you live but we used seeds, chicken feathers, flower buds and petals, sparkly mica chips and Earth Paints.

Materials: thick paper, nature items that are easily glue-able ( seeds, pressed leaves, feathers, etc.), glue, Earth Paints

Step 1: Collect nature items in you neighborhood or around your house. Sometimes this is the most fun part!

Step 2: Draw & Cut out Masks with eye holes (I did this step since toddlers aren't great with scissors yet)

Step 3: Paint with the Earth Paints & let dry

Step 4: Draw on mask with glue and sprinkle on amaranth seeds or any seeds, pressed leaves, feathers, flower petals, sprinkle on tumeric, the possibilities are endless.

Step 5: Glue a strip of paper onto the back of the mask right above the eye holes. Measure on child's head to see how big it should be, take off and staple or glue the ends together.

Here are some masterpieces by 3-4 year olds!