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5 Earth-Friendly Ways to Spend Earth Day

5 Earth-Friendly Ways to Spend Earth Day

Posted by Natural Earth Paint on Apr 13th 2018

Earth Day is coming up on April 22nd! Here are a few creative ideas for eco-friendly activities you can do with your family.

1. Admire a few eco-friendly artists (or become one yourself!)

This article in Huffington Post highlights a few incredible artists who focus their artwork on sustainability and environmentalism. Many of the pieces are created with either natural materials or recycled plastic!

You can also become an eco-artist yourself! With the Eco Friendly Artist’s Oil Paint Kit, you can create your own luminous and archival paintings without harming the Earth! Made with natural earth & mineral pigments, organic walnut oil and a plant-based solvent.

2. Make some Earth Pigment Crayons

Christina over at The Hippy Homemaker used our Natural Pigments to create non-toxic, eco-friendly Homemade Wax Crayons! These crayons are a great project you can complete with your kids, and you can use blue, white, and green pigments to create Earth-themed crayon sets!

3. Earth Day Paper Marbling

Last week, we shared a blog post on how to do Natural Paper Marbling at home using natural materials! All you need is Methyl Cellulose (a plant adhesive), Natural Earth Pigments, and Walnut Oil to create your very own marbled masterpiece!

4. Beach / Lake Clean Up

And of course, there's no better way to celebrate Earth Day than with taking action to help clean up our planet! Many organizations do planned Earth Day beach, river, or forest clean ups, but you can also just as easily go out and clean up by yourself!

Be sure to bring bags, sturdy gloves (in case of glass), and comfortable shoes. And don't forget to enjoy nature while you're there!

5. Start Composting

Last but not least, Earth Day is a perfect time to start a compost bin! Compost is decomposed organic material, like food waste or leaves, that is often added to soil to improve soil structure. Composting helps add nutrients to soil, aids in plant growth, and reduces greenhouse gas emissions by limiting the amount of food waste that ends up in landfills. offers a great Beginner's Guide to Composting to help you get started! Composting is also a great way to keep the Earth Day spirit going throughout the year. It doesn't need to be Earth Day for us to be eco-friendly!

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