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DIY Natural Wooden Eggs with Natural Earth Paint

DIY Natural Wooden Eggs with Natural Earth Paint

Posted by Natural Earth Paint on Mar 19th 2014

Painting with the Wooden Eggs Craft Kit for the Easter season has provided my 3 year old son plenty of fun; he gets to paint, arrange, and hunt for his bright Easter creations!

Plus, we can re-use them every spring, painting on new designs each Easter. Here's our step-by-step guide!


Step 1: Mix the Natural Earth Paint

Step 2: Paint the eggs a solid color and let dry (or, leave some of natural wood visible if desired!).

Step 3: Once the first layer is dry, paint on some designs. We made polka dots by dipping a pencil eraser in paint and stamping!

Step 4: Continue painting squiggles, stripes, branches, circles, etc. The more creative, the better!

Step 5: Let your little one arrange their eggs once dry. If you want an extra layer of protection and a permanent seal, apply Natural Varnish over the finished, dry egg designs. 

Optional: hide your eggs indoors or out for a fun Easter egg hunt adventure!

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