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Natural Earth Paint Kit Featured in Parents Magazine!

Natural Earth Paint Kit Featured in Parents Magazine!

Posted by Natural Earth Paint on May 2nd 2018

In a recent Parents Magazine article online, Ziata Faerman writes about low-stress activities kids and parents can embrace. Faerman recommends our Children's Earth Paint Kit as a way for kids to get creative without the stress of a messy clean up.

"'Painting is extremely relaxing and therapeutic and studies show that kids who paint are more likely to be entrepreneurs,' says Kathryn Smerling, PH.D., LCSW, a family therapist. The good news: you don't need to embrace a permanent mess to let the creative juices flow. Children's Earth Paint Kit uses a 100% washable paint made with just three natural ingredients. These paints can get all over your child's skin, clothes, floors, and furniture, and all you'll need for clean up is a wet rag. You can set your child up with the paints and walk right out of the room to take care of your own things.'With this product, kids can feel free to paint anywhere they want in the house without feeling restricted by their parents worrying about a mess afterward,' Dr. Smerling adds" (source).

Check out the full article here.

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