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Natural Earth Paint reviewed by Voiz!

Natural Earth Paint reviewed by Voiz!

Posted by Natural Earth Paint on Aug 17th 2021

The Complete Eco-friendly Oil Paint Kit was recently reviewed by Voiz, an online community of eco-conscious students!

"Oil paint is most commonly sold in small non-recyclable tubes and is made up of extremely toxic materials. Oil painting normally has to be facilitated either outside or in very well-ventilated rooms due to the toxins it emits. I am a painter myself and know first hand the effects of working with paints and turpentine for extended periods of time. Artists can easily get headaches or feel nauseated from using our materials. This brand is revolutionary! It offers high-quality oil paint without the chemicals or profound environmental impact. Additionally, this company uses recycled and biodegradable materials for their packages and their facility is 100% solar powered. I am so excited to try these products in the future."

Check out the full article here.

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