It's Blackberry Season, let's make some natural ink! August 26 2012

My family has been picking blackberries for a few weeks now and I've been watching them naturally stain my 2 year olds clothes and face. Why not use these abundant and free berries to create some beautiful and natural inks for writing and drawing! Note: Raspberries or wild grapes will work as well.

Blackberry Ink and Feather Quill

Materials: berries or grapes, vinegar, sieve, salt, feather, little jar

  1. Take a berry picking trip and collect some blackberries, raspberries, or wild grapes.
  2. Put ½ cup berries in a sieve and squash them with the back of a spoon, collecting the juice in a bowl underneath
  3. Add ½ Tbsp. of salt and ½ Tbsp. of vinegar (to preserve and retain color)- Mix
  4. Pour in small jar
  5. Find a feather and dip in natural ink like a quill & draw/write. You’ll need to re-dip after every few strokes.