Fall Equinox Nature Art Projects September 10 2012

Can you believe it's already the Fall Equinox (Sept. 22nd)! This is commonly a time to focus on finding balance since the days and nights are now equal in length. It's also a time of harvest and gathering together items from nature to create yummy food or art. Making a nature mobile from Fall nature objects is the perfect craft as you have to use your skills of finding balance to make it work! And creating a natural leaf print banner or garden flags brings attention to this beautiful time of year.

Fall Equinox Mobile

Materials: 8-10 twigs (6-18 inches long, about ¼ - ¾ inch thick), sturdy thread or string, colored Fall leaves, found nature objects, Earth Paints (optional)


1. Select your longest twig and loop thread around it. Move the thread around until you find the twig’s balance point. Knot the thread and hang the twig where you can comfortably work on it. (Hanging it from a broom handle suspended across two chairs works well).

2. Select the next two largest twigs and use more string to suspend them from either end of the first stick, finding their balance points.

3. Pick out 4 nature objects of the same weight (pine cones, colored leaves, dried grass heads, seed pods, thistle heads, etc.) and paint them with different colors of Earth Paint if desired, or leave unpainted. Tie short lengths of string onto them and hang them from the sticks, making sure to maintain the stick’s balance.

Continue building down and out, adding sticks and natural objects until you’ve created a balanced, multi-level mobile.

 Leaf Print Banners or Garden Flags

Materials: light colored fabric or paper, stick or dowel, yarn, glue, Earth Paints, newspaper, paint brush


1. Cut a square of fabric or paper and fold one end over the stick and glue it in place. 2. Tie one end of a piece of yarn to each end of the stick to make a hanger for the banner.

3. Paint one side of fresh leaves with paint, arrange face down on paper or cloth

2. Place sheet of newspaper on top and rub with your hands

3. Lift up newspaper & leaves. Paint or write anything else you like!


-Paint different colors on one leaf

- Create Garden Flags by making many small banners (maybe one or two nature prints on each) and stringing a thin rope or cord through all of them.

-You can also make wrapping paper, greeting cards, book covers, book marks or decorative shopping bags with the leaf prints.