Make your own Eco Gift Wrap! December 19 2012

Make your own Eco Gift Wrap!

Instead of buying China-made, petroleum-based wrapping paper this year, make your own and add twice the value to your gift!

Here's some ideas!
  • Go to a thrift store: you'll find great vintage fabrics, cool wallpaper, sweaters to cut up; scarves make great bows
  • Recycle an old map
  • Use old brown grocery bags and decorate with water soluble Earth Paints
  • Wrap in newspaper & decorate with Earth Paints or recycled ribbons

  • Decorate your grocery bags & newspaper with Earth Paint Prints (leaf prints, cut apple prints, bottle cap prints, toilet paper roll prints - if you press the roll flat and dip end in green paint and stamp you can make leaf shape prints), crumple a wad of newspaper and dip in Earth Paint and stamp all over paper. The possibilities are endless. Simply dip almost anything in paint and stamp!

  • Wrap gifts in your child's drawings or paintings (if you have a million like me)

  • Make leaf rubbings with a crayon on newsprint