Nature Made Sidewalk Chalk - Find your art supplies in nature! January 27 2013

Nature Made Sidewalk Chalk

As my 2 year old and I were walking through the woods recently, he stopped on the trail and started picking up little red, yellow and brown colored rocks on the well worn path. We sat down and played with them for a while before I realized they were probably made of clay and minerals, just like in our Earth Paint Kits, and would make great drawing tools.

rocks for art

We started coloring on nearby big, grey rocks and sure enough, they made beautiful red, terra cotta, dark brown, white and yellow lines. Some rocks that had several colors in them made several different color lines, depending on which side you pressed on. We picked up a big handful and brought them home to use as sidewalk chalk on our concrete patio!

Natural Side Walk Chalk

This is another great Winter Nature Art Activity for all ages of kids and adults. Go out on a colored rock treasure hunt and search every path for signs of color. Then test them out on a nearby white or grey rocks to see if it makes a color (some colored rocks are very hard minerals that don't crumble and draw as easily as mostly clay rocks).

Your kids will love the hunt, the time in nature, the excitement of trying it out at home and the realization that nature provides unlimited art supplies! Have fun!