Nature Sculptures for Kids - Andy Goldsworthy Style February 03 2013

Nature Sculpture

My husband and I have always been huge Andy Goldsworthy fans and pre-baby we would go down to the local creek and make rock and ice sculptures.  We would sometimes gather colorful twigs and leaves and anything that we found visually interesting on the forest floor and make art with it. There's nothing like doing something completely unproductive in the name of beauty. It replenishes your spirit like nothing else.

Now that we have a 2 year old we decided to try it out with a group of toddlers and let them loose with some interesting finds from nature.

Nature Sculptures for Kids

I set out a pile of rocks, colorful and interesting shaped leaves, red twigs, and osage orange balls. I showed them some pictures of Andy Goldsworthy creations and told them a "story" about how "He wakes up every morning and walks outside and doesn't know what he'll find but looks for something in the woods that he wants to make art out if! Etc."

nature sculptures for kids

Everyone had a wonderful time but in hind sight I would do a few things differently........

First, I would have them help find and collect the items in nature themselves.... that's sometimes the most fun part!

Second, I would have more big stacking rocks available because that's what most of them seemed to be drawn too.

Third, I would have the activity IN nature, by a creek or some wild area - my square, flat back yard lawn just didn't give the right atmosphere of mystery and exciting discovery.

Kids Rock Sculptures