Earth Art Valentine's January 28 2014

When it comes to crafts, I always like to go back to basics – simple and natural. That’s why I love making good, old-fashioned Potato Prints with Natural Earth Paint! This activity can be enjoyed by toddlers, older children, and even adults. Give your loved ones a beautiful, earthy Valentine, and enjoy their smiles.


Step 1: Cut some potatoes in half (I like to use different sizes). Fingerlings are easy for a toddler to grip. Medium and large baking potatoes have more “canvas” area to work with. 

Step 2: Cut in the heart shape with a sharp knife, and then slice away the edges to reveal the full shape.


Step 3: Mix up a few colors of Children’s Earth Paint

Step 4: You can use a brush to apply paint to the potato shape, or simply dip it into paint. Stamp away!


Step 5: Don’t forget to decorate your envelopes, too! Let dry and write a personalized love note.


Our resident Nature Craft Tester, Django.