DIY Wooden Eggs March 20 2014

Painting these wooden eggs has provided my 3 year old son and I triple the fun of buying eggs! The painting, the arranging, AND the hunting. Plus the satisfaction of knowing you can re-use them each year (and keep painting on different designs if you like).
The Wooden Eggs Craft Kit (Which 15% OFF until April 3rd, 2017, Use Coupon Code WOODENEGGS15) comes with 6 wooden eggs (hand-made by a local artisan with FSC-certified wood) and 6 colors of Natural Earth Paint.
Here are some fun techniques we used and a Simple Natural Varnish recipe to keep your eggs protected and waterproof.
Step 1: Mix Earth Paint powder with water
Step 2: Paint eggs a solid color and let dry or leave some of natural wood visible if desired.
When the drool starts flowin', I know it's a good craft!
Step 3: Make polka dots by dipping a pencil eraser in paint and stamping
Step 4: Continue painting squiggles, stripes, branches, circles - get creative!
Toddlers love to arrange and re-arrange endlessly!
It's time for the hunt!
Simple Natural Varnish Recipe
to waterproof and protect painted eggs

Combine 4 parts olive oil to 1 part melted beeswax and i rub it on with a rag.

Leave it on for 1-2 hours then rub excess off.