Coloring Eggs Naturally with Toddlers March 30 2014

My little boy has been dyeing eggs for two months now! He doesn't care if it's Easter or not, it's unbelievably fun and magical at any time. And I don't have to worry about any nasty petroleum-based dyes or if he's sticking his fingers in the dyes (and then putting fingers in his mouth) since we always use Natural Egg Dyes. They're made with dehydrated blueberries, spinach, purple carrots, beets and turmeric - nothing else.

Step 1: Pour Packet of Natural Dye in 1/2 cup warm water.
Step 2: Stir
Step 3: Contort face while trying to get a rubber band on an egg (makes great stripes!)
Step 4: Draw designs, letters, shapes on egg with white crayon (dye will resist it, so it will show up beautifully). Or if you're a toddler who knows what you want, decide against white and choose red crayon instead.
Step 5: Place eggs in dye and let sit for 5-15 min. Or if you're an impatient toddler, continuously stir it and lift it out over and over for 3 min. and then take it out. 
Step 6: Let dry and then remove rubber bands. Viola!!
For a slightly more advanced dying technique try DIY Leaf Print Eggs