Colors of the Earth Mixing Chart August 17 2014

One very common comment I've gotten since starting this business is, "Are earth pigments mostly shades of brown, yellow and red?" I also get the question "What do you use to dye the earth pigments?. It's hard for many people to believe that these amazingly varied and radiant colors can come directly from the earth with nothing added. If you know me, you know that my entire wardrobe are these colors, my home is painted with these colors and all of my own paintings are these colors. They are the most beautiful colors in the world to me and they seem to be more nourishing and almost healing and soft on the eyes.


Here is a new color mixing chart of the pigments and paints that we carry right now. These were made with the Earth Oil Paints (pigment mixed with refined walnut oil) and below each color mixture is a swatch mixed with titanium dioxide rutile.  An 8 1/2" x 11", full color, glossy print of this chart is available here. $6.95