Natural Face Painting - Step by Step Demo - Cool Cat September 28 2014

As Halloween approaches, I'll be posting several step-by-step face painting tutorials that are simple and beautiful and using all natural and non-toxic face paints.

The first installment is this precious cat or tiger!


Step 1: 

Paint two red triangular ears on forehead and three black stripes on cheeks and forehead.


Step 2:

Outline ears with black.

Step 3:

Add as many curly loops as you like.


Step 4:

Paint bottom of nose black.

Step 5:

Add 3 dots and whiskers on lower cheek.

Step 6: 

Add white between stripes.

Step 7: 

Add white nose stripe and chin.

Step 8:

Add white dots on eyebrows and cheek bones and any other embellishments you like!


 Huge Thanks to Kathleen Taylor for the fabulous face painting and designs!