Make your own Natural Modeling Clay March 08 2015

DIY Natural & Non-toxic Modeling Clay

My 4 year old son loves home-made play dough, but in the reality of our hectic days, I never find myself with time to make new batches for him. So when someone gave him a set of modeling clay that permanently stays moist and malleable and infinitely re-usable, I was very excited. I noticed though that there was a toxic smell and it stuck to his hands and dyed them colors. I did a little research and found that most modeling clay is made with polyvinyl chloride (PVC) mixed with phthalate plasticizers, which helps keep them soft and maleable. Since these are associated with several scary, potential health risks, I decided to make our own with all natural ingredients and natural earth pigments. This recipe is super quick and easy and actually nourishes your skin as you play with it!


-1 cup beeswax pellets

-3 tsp. coconut oil or olive oil

-2 tsp. Lanolin (found in baby sections – commonly used for nursing)

-1 Tbsp. Earth Pigment (Color of your choice) 

-plastic ice cube tray or any silicone “mold”


Step 1- Get a double boiler or fill a large pot with water and place a smaller pot with all ingredients inside. Heat ingredients and stir until melted and liquid.


Step 2 – Pour into your mold. If using an ice cube tray, fill ¼ to ½ full.

Step 3 – Once hardened, it will feel very firm, but will become malleable in your hands as they heat it up. Play with it until you’re able to squish and mold it, before you hand it to young children. Have fun!