Avoiding Toxic Cards on Mother's Day May 02 2017

avoid toxic cards
When it comes to simple gifts that you can make for Mother's Day, painting a card or creating a picture are among our first thoughts. Finger painting is a great way to let your kiddos express themselves and create personalized art. However, let’s not forget about the messy and highly toxic situation that’s in conventional children’s paint. It’s important to choose paints that are safe for your kids, especially if their skin is going to be exposed to it, and those little paint covered fingers wander into their mouths. 

Here’s a step by step guide for how to create beautiful mother’s day cards while avoiding toxins 

All you need are some hands, fingers, and some non-toxic paint! For this tutorial, we are using our Children’s Earth Paint Kit! It is 100% non-toxic and made with real earth (Thank you Mother Nature)!
Natural Cards
Step 1. Mix the powder paint with water using a one-part paint to one-part water ratio. The paint can be used on paper, rocks, wood, fabric, and other surfaces so get creative!
Step 2: Paint the palms of you or your little ones hands to make flowers
flower card
You can also paint their palm half green and half brown to create a potted plant and can use their fingers and thumb to make flowers at the top of each finger! 
Of course, no card is complete without a sweet poem. 
"I've made some Mother's Day flowers
with my fingers and my thumb,
so you'll always have these memories
for all the years to come!"
Happy Mother's Day!
Written by our Intern, Lucia Corona, with a bit of guidance from our Earth Paint team!