Share A Little Luck! March 03 2019


This month lets share a little luck around our communities with this fun rock painting craft that the whole family can enjoy. 

Things you'll need:

Start off by collecting any rocks you might have found on a past nature walk. If you don't have any then its a perfect time to head out for a walk. Look for rocks that are smaller than the palm of your hand, but larger than a quarter. 


Mix up your paints and start painting some liquid luck onto those rocks. I went with clovers, pot of gold, hearts, rainbows, etc (Mine have a St. Patty's Day theme ;) ). The more creative the better! 

Once your rock master pieces are dry they will need to be sealed. Sealing them will protect them from any weather they may endure. Here in Oregon we've had our fair share of rain and snow in some places this winter.  

To seal your rocks coat them with a layer of the Acri Glaze. It goes on white and once dried it will be clear. 


Now the real fun begins!

While you are out in your community place one of your painted rocks where it can be found by a passerby ie, a low hanging tree branch, a bench, the side of walking path, a fire hydrant, near the door of your local grocery store, etc. The list could go on and on, there are so many great places. Or you could hand it to the cashier, bank teller, mail person, teacher, or someone you just met. Who ever finds your rock will be just a little bit luckier that day and you can bet you put a smile on their face.


Many communities already have painted rock groups that you can participate in and share pictures of your rocks and other rocks you find on facebook (just search "painted rocks" in the search bar). If your community doesn't have a painted rock group that's ok, doing it just because you want to make someones day a little brighter is even better. 

Happy Rock Painting!