Natural Paint Through the Ages: Buddhism June 07 2018

For over 2,500 years, Buddhists have spread their message of enlightenment to every corner of the globe. Today, with an estimated 488 million practicing Buddhists worldwide, followers of this ancient religion continue to make significant contributions to philosophy, literature, and art.    This entry into Natural Paint Through the Ages will explore how Buddhists have used natural paint and dyes throughout the centuries to advance their cause, including the creation...

Natural Earth Paint Through the Ages: The Colormen September 04 2017

Before we had ready-made paints and art supplies stores, there were Colormen! They were the “traders” of the paint world starting in the late 17th century and sold artists prepared pigments, pre-mixed oil paints, watercolors, dyes, made brushes, prepped canvases, gums, resins, and more. Before Colormen - during the Middle Ages and the Renaissance - the painter would buy course, raw pigments from apothecaries’ shops (or source them directly from...
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