How to Make Natural Oil Paints June 23 2018

Making your own natural oil paint is not only super quick, easy and economical but it also makes the most archival, vibrant and pure paint on the planet. Unlike tubed conventional oil paints, these paints don't have fillers (bulking agent), toxic preservatives, heavy metal or petroleum-based pigments, solvents or chemical additives. These paints will last for thousands of years and be 100% lightfast, humidity resistant and won't off-gas into your home....

DIY Natural Cold Porcelain Clay (without Glue!) May 23 2018

Natural Cold Porcelain Clay is a perfect substitute for toxic polymer clay and allows for even finer detail and ease of sculpting. It's also incredibly inexpensive and super simple to make. The clay is air-dried so no need for baking and it dries to a light weight, luminous, stone-like texture. Perfect for kids through professional artists.  The DIY cold porcelain recipes that we found online all called for glue or PVA which can...

DIY! Natural Confetti Eggs for Easter! March 15 2018

Confetti eggs are a fun and eco-friendly Easter tradition that you can easily make with kids at home! by Hannah Medina   SUPPLIES Eggs 1 Natural Egg Dye Kit Large Needle Leaves or Edible Paper Hole Punch Tissue Paper Glue   Emptying the Egg 1. To empty the contents of the egg, you’ll need eggs, a sharp object (I’ll be using a seam ripper), and a bowl to catch the egg...

D.I.Y Decorative Banners June 01 2017

With spring coming to an end, now is the perfect time to do some last minute spring-cleaning by taking down old décor and creating new ones! These banners are perfect for seasonal décor; they can also be used as decorations for all celebrations such as baby shower, wedding showers, graduations, and birthday parties.  Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to create decorative banners for any occasion! All you need is a...

Avoiding Toxic Cards on Mother's Day May 02 2017

When it comes to simple gifts that you can make for Mother's Day, painting a card or creating a picture are among our first thoughts. Finger painting is a great way to let your kiddos express themselves and create personalized art. However, let’s not forget about the messy and highly toxic situation that’s in conventional children’s paint. It’s important to choose paints that are safe for your kids, especially if their skin...

Making Wizard Staffs & Fairy Wands with Natural Materials January 27 2015

  Reprinted from Parent Guide News!
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