Why You Should Stick to Natural Dyes- Especially For Your Eggs March 24 2017


Here are our top FOUR reasons why you should stick to natural dyes: 

1. We often get the question, "Why Should I Use Natural Dyes to Dye My Eggs, When I'm Not Eating the Egg Shell?" Dyes frequently seep through the egg shell and onto the hard boiled eggs, and then eaten! Personally, I have never dyed an egg where this hasn't happened. It seeps through the skin and then you (or your child) eats the egg along with the toxic dye! 

2. Some food dyes approved by the FDA include colors synthesized from petroleum derivatives. Most red dyes are made from carmine, which is essentially squashed bugs. How gross is that? These bugs are farmed and crushed on an unbelievably massive scale. Almost 100,000 of these insects must be killed to yield about 35 ounces of carmine. Obviously it is not vegetarian or kosher, let alone ecologically responsible. 

Egg Dying with Natural Dyes

3. Egg dying can be messy, especially when dying eggs with kiddos. The egg dye will get all over your fingers, face, cloths, counter tops, etc! If the dye can seep through the egg shell, imagine what it can do to your skin! This can have major effects on your skin and your insides. 
4. Originally made from coal tar, now Red #40 is made from petroleum. The European Union officially warns against consumption of this dye by children, and several European nations have banned it. Extensive studies show correlations to hyperactivity and symptoms such as ADHD. Yet it is the most prevalent FDA-approved food dye in the United States.
Overall, Natural Dye is Safer, Made from Fruits, Herbs, and Veggies, Produces Bright and Beautiful Eggs, and is ECO-Friendly!  Plus, with the purchase of a Natural Egg Dye Kit from Natural Earth Paint, you support:
Natural Dye

1. The production of beets, purple carrots, spinach, blueberries, and turmeric instead of the production of petroleum products or the cochineal bug

2. recycled paper content even though it continues to be a more expensive option for packaging

3. A small, family business instead of a multi-national petrochemical corporation  

We encourage everyone to stick to Natural Dyes and to check out this article  "Colors to Dye For"  which briefly describes the impact of food coloring related your behavior! 
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