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Natural Earth Paint

Natural Earth Paint

Eco Gesso Kit


We’re very excited to introduce the world’s first eco-friendly and vegan gesso for artists. Our naturally non-toxic, gesso is a professional, archival-quality kit that is perfect for...

Natural Earth Paint



We proudly present our non-toxic, all-natural Eco-Solve, the finest professional paint thinner on the market. Representing a major breakthrough in art material technology, Eco-Solve is a sterling...

Natural Earth Paint

Gum Arabic Powder


Gum arabic is a natural gum made of the hardened sap of various species of the acacia tree. It is used as a binder in many paint recipes including Professional Watercolors and Gouache. It is...

Natural Earth Paint



PLEASE NOTE: Wholesale purchases for the Complete Paint Mixing Kit, the Glass Muller or the Glass Palette will not be honored through the website. Please contact NEP directly to purchase those items...

Natural Earth Paint

Natural Egg Dye Kit


CURRENTLY OUT OF STOCK UNTIL JANUARY 2021 Celebrate spring, and show you care for the earth with safe, natural egg dyes. Made from fruits, herbs, and veggies. No petroleum products here! This Kit...