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Natural Varnish


Our 100% natural, non-toxic Natural Varnish is made with a proprietary blend of plant-based, archival ingredients using time-tested recipes from the Renaissance. This varnish enhances depth of color and richness with a fast-drying,...

Natural Earth Paint

Glass Dropper - plastic free


Our Glass Dropper is the perfect addition to your paint mixing experience. A helpful tool for adding binders to pigments drop-by-drop, this Glass Dropper makes achieving ideal binder-to-pigment proportions a breeze.  Plastic-free. Made with...

Natural Earth Paint

Aluminum Paint Tubes


Our Aluminum Paint Tubes measure 1 1/10” x 5 1⁄2" and hold approximately 50 ml of paint. They have a black mushroom cap and are suitable for oil or water-based paints. These tubes pair perfectly with The...

Eco-Friendly Glitter


Our high-quality, ultra-fine Eco-Friendly Cosmetic Glitter is plant-based, 100% plastic and aluminum-free, and certified biodegradable while still offering the shimmer and shine you want in four gorgeous colors: gold, silver, bronze, and turquoise...

Zero Waste Shipping Option


Select this option for zero waste shipping materials used in the packing of your order. Includes:  Paper packaging tape (instead of plastic) Post Consumer recycled packing paper Recycled paper glass padding materials (instead of re-purposed...