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The World's First Natural Varnish Has Arrived!

The World's First Natural Varnish Has Arrived!

Posted by Leah Fanning on Jan 8th 2020

After 2 years of development by a Master Varnish Formulator, a truly non-toxic and natural varnish is finally available here!

Our 100% natural, non-toxic Natural Varnish is made with a proprietary blend of plant-based, archival ingredients using time-tested recipes from the Renaissance. This varnish enhances depth of color and richness with a fast-drying, water-clear, glossy finish. It provides superior, highly-durable final protection against dirt and grease. Hand-crafted in small batches, this varnish is non-yellowing and free from VOCs, heavy metal driers, additives, petroleum based ingredients, harsh fumes, and toxic additives. It’s truly non-toxic, and won’t bloom or crack like some other conventional varnishes. It’s perfect for “re-touching” or giving a unified sheen to any project!


What is your Natural Varnish made from?

Our varnish is made from food-grade ingredients, including 190 proof grain alcohol, natural resins, oils, and other all-natural ingredients, which makes it a 100% natural and non-toxic spirit varnish.

What can I use the Natural Varnish for?

Our varnish is well-suited for musical instruments, fine furniture, and sculpture, as well as a variety of craft projects. It has a high alcohol content so it penetrates deeply on the first coat and provides a beautiful film finish.

How can I use the Natural Varnish over a finish?

Our varnish can be sprayed, applied by brush or rag, or applied using the French polish method with a pad.

How can I make the Natural Varnish matte instead of glossy?

Our varnish has a natural gloss luster that can be brought to a matte finish with fine abrasives such as 4000 grit steel wool, 800 grit sandpaper or Pumice stones. 

How can I spray large areas with the Natural Varnish?

Our varnish can be cut with alcohol to make it easier to spray on large areas.