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It's an amazing product!

I purchased Burnt Sienna and Gold Mica to paint on fabric. It's amazing! The colors are true to pictures and are permanent (I washed my fabric swatches)! A huge plus - these are not toxic! I'll be buying all of them! Please don't discontinue them ever.

flintlock stocks

i build flintlocks, i tried some natural varnish over the top of my wood finish i put on a rifle. it works absolutely great! it goes on like water and dries fast and is hard and durable. i have put in on several rifles now and love it! thanks for a great product that is natural,,,,,,,,,,,,

Gorgeous Colors, Creamy Texture, & The First Truly Non Toxic Acrylics

I could not be happier with the absolutely beautiful range of colors in this set. Each color is rich and vibrant and the "vibe" of the paint is lovely! These paints are so much better than anything else out there because they are made without harmful ingredients such as formaldehyde and heavy metals. Before I found these Natural Earth acylics I was experiencing terrible headaches from my standard store-bought brands (even though they say on the bottle they are non-toxic). I have been having such fun playing with tones by adding more or less white to the colors. So incredibly grateful for all the work that has gone into making these paints available. Love painting with these! Oh and I also got the mica paints (gold, silver, & copper) and the shimmer is perfection!

Non- Toxic Medium That Won't Give You The Glue Headaches!

I am over the moon happy about this product! Such an awesome way to glue down my collage papers without having to have that awful glue smell or the headaches that go with it! Love the creamy smooth texture and how clean and clear it dries. GREAT PRODUCT... I highly recommend it!!!

So Excited!

This makes me so happy, finally! These work beautifully - rich and creamy, love it :)

Fabulous, Rich Colors!

I've had so much fun mixing my own paints - especially using the lovely glass muller. Thank you!

I Still Love the Colors to Choose From

I am quite pleased with this buy. I love the colors that were provided which is a true gain. Thank you.

Has changed my art practice:pray:

I switched to walnut oil and it has changed my art practice. It is so smooth I really have come to further appreciate the beauty of pigments. I used to lay paints on thick and it occurs to me now I was reaching for something I now have with the pure pigments and walnut oil (making my own too, thank to Natural Earth Paint's) I am using smaller brushes, working thin. It's wonderful. Total convert. Made the switch initially because walnut oil's fire point is so high it isn't considered combustible. Temps have to be more than twice as high as for linseed oil, for example, before it combusts. That's added safety for my studio, my garage where the garbage bins are, and the landfill. We don't need more fires!

Miracle Craft Product!

I couldn't recommend the Natural Varnish highly enough! As an avid crafter who often works indoors in multi-use spaces, I'm so grateful that a natural, safe product like this exists. It's extremely easy to use, dries fast to a stunning high-gloss finish with just a few coats, and doesn't give me the splitting headache that I often get while using conventional varnishes. I'm never going back! This varnish will definitely be a permanent part of my craft supply kit from now on.

Not worth it for casuals

I really wanted to like this, alongside mixing it with the pigments. However, the process was just not fun for a casual amateur painter (I paint max twice a year). After mixing, I didn't even want to paint anymore. It left a mess, it took a long time, and the smell gave me a headache.

We also tried painting with it and it comes out streaky. I assume it'd be easier to really dissolve all the powder if you had the glass Mueller set they sell, but as a casual I don't see the justification in purchasing that.

I regret the amount of money and work I spent on trying to make these work for me, but I just can't recommend this to anyone who's just a casual painter like me.

Oh Happy Day!

The natural egg dye kit worked fabulously well! I used brown eggs and the colors were stunningly beautiful! Thank you for making this wonderful product! I will always use it!

Ordered only one... lesson learned, get all 4

Hands down best brush I have used. I only ordered the #12 filbert to test. I have been mostly disappointed in the past buying vegan brushes. I used that poor little filbert until now it's begun to fray. I painted a whole 36"x24" canvas almost exclusively with it because it was just so fun to use a brush that worked so nicely. It painted quite a few more canvases before it showed signs of fraying. Even though there's bristle breakage on the outside, it's held its overall shape. I should have just gotten the set of 4. I wish there were more shapes and sizes.

Incredible value for beginners

This set is by far the best value I have found from any seller for people who are just starting out in mixing their own paints.

Not only is my muller ground perfectly flat, it is much bigger than I'd expected. I've seen other sellers offer muller of the same size for the price of this entire set.

Just WOW !!!

I have had this varnish for over a month and was not able to apply it to anything until today. I purchased it because it is a natural product, made right here in the USA (Oregon no less) and really wanted to give it a try.

I applied this to a number of wood working pieces I have made (small craft items) using a variety of wood including Cherry, Poplar and Birch. It really made the redish color of the Cherry pop and accentuated the grain in the other items. It also highlighted the pyrography I have done on these pieces. Outstanding!

As another reviewer noted, it has a pleasant aroma and does not smell up the house at all. I rather enjoy the residual aroma as this dries and it does dry very quickly!

I can not speak to durability but I can say the initial enhancement to the aesthetics of the items I make is outstanding. I can not wait to display these items at the next craft show I attend.

I like the product so much I am placing another order for a larger quantity right away, this will be my "go to" finish for future products.


In case you were wondering, yes, it does get red oil paint out of carpet.

Planetarily Conscious Choice!

Easy to work with, amazingly versatile, and fun! The less harm to the planet is the only reason I've begun using acrylics.

Honest label, superior sealant

I am so impressed with this varnish! I recently refinished my very old drafting table. After I sanded it and rubbed some walnut oil in, I put a few layers of this varnish on the table top. It dries very fast, truly enhances the color and it is glossy but not too glossy. It has an odor that I find it fairly pleasant - fruity and licorice-like. It is rare that this happens, but everything that the label stated appears to be true, so far. I don't know how well it will wear and I haven't varnished a painting yet, but I'm not disappointed.

Positives Beyond the Canvas

Making my own oil colors using these pigments has been amazing! From choosing, mixing, using, and then an amazingly easy cleanup! Until I experienced a pure, natural oil color, I couldn't realize how much fillers and "stuff" was in the tubed paints I was buying! Just how easy brush cleaning is amazes me now!

So happy I found you

I am ecstatic that I found your website and products. When I learned how environmentally harmful and toxic most of my art materials were, I felt so angry and sad. Your blog resources and products changed my art career and made me EXCITED to use my materials again.

Not what I was expecting

The images shown for the set is not what I got for my order, I got an oversized muller that hurts my hand to use. Shipping was fast.

thank you for a great natural alternative

love natural earth paint! i have been mixing white with american clay (which is also awesome!) to make white clay walls. its so beautiful smells amazing and is all natural ! will never go back to traditional paint for walls (i use romabio paint for trim they are also awesome) Thank you!!!!


Absolutely amazing beautiful colours and healthy. When are more colours coming I can't wait?!

Daniel M.

Works great, everything is as advertised. I just wish it were more economically priced.

Natural Egg Dye Kit
Katherine C.
Perfect gift!

My precious nieces absolutely loved the egg dye and egg paint kits! Awesome and sweet spring fun!

Haven't used them yet but

Haven't used them yet but plan to do so at our beach house this next week.