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How to Create Your Own Art Supplies With Only 2 Ingredients!

How to Create Your Own Art Supplies With Only 2 Ingredients!

Posted by Natural Earth Paint & Victoria Leen on Sep 25th 2022

All of our recipes to create your own art supplies break down into 2 main ingredients - pigments and binders.

Creating your own art supplies can seem daunting and complicated at first. But don't fret- it is easy once you break the process down into 2 simple steps!

Making your own art supplies requires 2 main categories of ingredients:

1. Pigments

2. Binders

Pigments give the art supply you're making color, and binders are the ingredients that create the specific art supply you want, such as watercolorsoil paints, or crayons, to name a few!

The binders will depend on which art supply you choose to create, but some examples of binders include:

- walnut oil to create oil paints

- gum arabic, water, and honey/glycerin to create watercolor paints

- natural acrylic medium to create plastic-free acrylic paints.

See, the process is simple! With just 2 simple ingredients, you have the freedom to create your own natural, eco-friendly, and non-toxic art supplies. Check out all of our recipes here!

Check out our youtube short for a quick 1 minute breakdown: