Coffee Filter Snowflakes with Natural Earth Paint

Coffee Filter Snowflakes with Natural Earth Paint

Celebrate the snowy winter season with coffee filter snowflakes, decorated with Natural Earth Paint!


Creating Snowflakes

Step 1: Fold your coffee filter in half. Continue to fold it into a triangle form.

Step 2: Cut your snowflake. Geometric shapes work best for cutting out a snowflake. I like to do half circles and triangles.

Step 3: Unfold your coffee filter to see what magical snowflake you made!

Mixing your Natural Earth Paints

Step 4: Scoop the Natural Earth Paint into the mixing container. Add the same amount of scoops of water to the paint so that it has 1:1 ratio paint and water.

Stir it up and you’re ready to paint!

Painting Your Snowflakes

Step 5: Paint your snowflake with your Natural Earth Paint. The possibilities of what you can paint are endless!

Ta-da! Your beautiful snowflake is done; our favorite place to put the snowflakes is in the window so the light can shine through them.

More of a visual learner? Watch the video version of this tutorial here!

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