DIY Eco-Friendly Recycled Gift Wrap with Natural Earth Paint

DIY Eco-Friendly Recycled Gift Wrap with Natural Earth Paint

Instead of purchasing imported wrapping paper with petroleum-based inks, make your own with Natural Earth Paint and add twice the love to handmade gifts!


Step 1: Source your paper.

Dive into your recycling bin to find the perfect paper for this craft! Any paper will do, as long as it's thin and flexible enough to wrap around your gift. 

Step 2: Mix your Natural Earth Paint.

Mix up the colors you want to use for your wrapping paper; use the classic red and green or opt for a less-tradition color scheme!

Step 3: Paint your paper.

Use a stencil to paint your paper, or go free-hand with your designs.

Step 4: Let dry & wrap!

Once your paper is dry, wrap your gifts. You can also add embellishments if you'd like- we added paper stars!

More ideas:

  • Visit your local thrift store to find great vintage fabrics, cool wallpaper, sweaters to cut up, and other paper and fabric that would be perfect for wrapping.
  • Recycle an old map or newspaper with a cool design for your wrapping paper. 
  • Wrap gifts in your child's old works of art (they won't mind!)

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