Fourth of July Pinwheel with Natural Earth Paint

Fourth of July Pinwheel with Natural Earth Paint

Looking for a fun craft to do with the kids on the 4th of July? Pinwheels are an easy DIY for kids to make and play with, and can be made with supplies you probably already have around the house!


  • Heavy paper/thin cardboard
  • Scissors
  • Natural Earth Paint
  • Paint brushes
  • Pencils with erasers still intact (one per pinwheel)
  • Push pins (one per pinwheel)

Let's get started!

Step 1. I used the red and blue paints from the Children's Natural Earth Paint Kit. They come in powder form, and the mixing cups pictured were included. The ratio is 1 part paint to 1 part water, so I mixed 1 tablespoon of each. This was enough to make all 4 pinwheels, and I had a little left over at the end.

Step 2. Cut your paper material (I used a file folder) into a perfect square without getting out a ruler by folding the bottom edge over til it's flush with an adjacent side, and cutting off the excess.

Step 3. With your squares set, lay down some protective material and get to painting! Be sure to paint both sides of your square, as both will be seen at the end.

Step 4. Once your artwork is dry, fold each square in half so opposing points align. Repeat with the other two opposing points. This will create creases in the form of an 'X' that you'll use for cutting guides in the next step.

Step 5. Identify the center point of your square. Cut along each of the creases until you're about 3/4s of the way between the edge and the center.

In the next image, I've drawn white dots to show you which four edges you'll use to fold into the center.

Step 6. Take the first edge, fold it in, and push the pin through so its tip is facing the center point of your material. Moving around the square, fold in one corner at a time and push the pin through each new edge until all four are gathered on the pin.

Here's a GIF to show you the gathering steps from above:

Step 7. Once you've got all the edges gathered on the pin, push the pin down and through the center point of the square. The pin should poke through to the other side of your material. Now, push the point of the pin into the eraser of your pencil. Make sure it doesn't go through the eraser completely.

Ta-da, you're done! They spin well, and can be put in the garden when the kids are done playing with them.

Have fun crafting, and a happy 4th of July!

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