Natural Earth Paint Featured on The Tot for Easter!

Natural Earth Paint Featured on The Tot for Easter!

Our Natural Earth Paint Kit was featured in the article Tot Craft Corner: Easter Pebble Eggs & Bunny Hat on The Tot!

"Easter Pebbles

Hand painted pebbles are not only lovely to paint, hold and display at Easter time, but they can also be a wonderful addition to your child’s Easter pretend play.


  • Natural Earth Paint Kit
  • A selection of pebbles (I always look for pebbles that are light in colour and porous so the paint adheres well.)
  • Paintbrushes
  • Cotton buds / Q tips
  • Containers to mix the paints in
  • Jars, bags or recycled egg cartons to display the hand painted eggs
  • A painting apron or art smock for you child


1: Collect your pebbles. Mix up your Natural Earth Paint Kit according to the instructions on the box. (You don’t need to mix much. I like to start with half a teaspoon of powdered paint and an equal amount of water.)

2: Mix them until you have a beautiful glossy, paint consistency.

3: Using a paintbrush, get your Tot to paint a base colour on each pebble. Set the pebbles aside to dry.

4: Once the paint is dry, get your Tot to use the cotton buds to add spots and stripes to the pebbles so they resemble Easter eggs. Set them aside to dry again.

5: Wrap your hand painted pebbles as gifts for family and friends or create a beautiful display in your home. With your supervision, your child can enjoy playing with the eggs, as well as counting, hiding and finding the eggs."

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