Planning an Eco-Friendly Baby Shower

Planning an Eco-Friendly Baby Shower

For all the expecting and new mothers out there, here's how to bring some natural color and earthy creativity to your baby shower with Natural Earth Paint!

Natural Baby Shower Gift Baskets

What could be a better gift for an expectant mother than a basket of Natural Earth Paint Kits? Try belly painting with our Natural Face Paint Kit, announcing your little one with our Hemp Flags, and introducing your little one to the Natural Earth Paint Kit once they're old enough to try it themselves! 

Using our Hemp Flags, you, your baby shower guests, or your kid can create these beautiful baby shower banners. Banners can be decorated any way you choose, with anything from nature imagery to spelling out the name of your baby. 

Non-Toxic Baby Prints with the Natural Earth Paint Kit

Because our paints are completely natural, they are also safe to use for painting the feet and hands of newborns to gently press onto banners or paper. These paints are perfect for anyone making a baby book or frame-able treasures to send to friends and relatives!

Naturally-Painted Pregnant Bellies with the Natural Face Paint Kit

A unique way to show off your beautiful baby bump is to give it a pop of natural color! With our Natural Face Paint Kit, your baby shower guests can decorate your belly anyway you want.

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