The Many Shades of Natural Egg Dye: Dying Brown, Blue, and Duck Eggs

The Many Shades of Natural Egg Dye: Dying Brown, Blue, and Duck Eggs

Around the Easter season, we often get the question, "what will your Natural Egg Dye look like on brown eggs, duck eggs, or blue eggs?" We've created a short egg color guide for our non-toxic, plant-based Natural Egg Dye Kit, not with typical white eggs, but with brown egg, duck eggs, and blue eggs, too!

To try this at home, you'll need our Natural Egg Dye Kit, named NYT Wirecutter's best natural egg dye kit in 2022!

First, we prepared the Natural Egg Dye according to the instructions. Simply pour the dye into 1/2 cup hot water and add your egg—no vinegar or boiling needed!

After the eggs were finished and dry, we compared the results. First up, brown eggs—check out those beautiful earthy hues!

Next, duck eggs—we're loving the pastel effect!

Last but not least, blue chicken eggs—we couldn't be happier with these outcomes!

The results are in—no matter what eggs you're using this season, our Natural Egg Dye Kit is the perfect compliment to your Easter celebrations! Curious about how to use it? Check out our video tutorial below!

Photos & Project by Jaime Brown

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