Natural Earth Paint pouches (red and white) with cups of paint, bamboo brushes, and two rocks painted with a red heart.

Thumb Print Heart Rocks for Valentine's Day - Kids Craft

Celebrate Valentine's Day with an easy and eco-friendly craft for kids featuring our Natural Earth Paint Kit or Natural Earth Paint Packets (Individual)!


Step 1: Prepare your rocks and mix your Natural Earth Paints with water so they are creamy and opaque.

Optional Step: By mixing Red and White Earth Paint you get a nice light pink color to add to your Valentine's Day craft!

Step 2: Paint your rock with the White Earth Paint.

Step 3: Using the Red Earth Paint, dip your child's thumb into the paint to create a heart on your painted rock.

Step 4: Press the thumb on the rock at 2 angles so they criss-cross and make a heart.

And that's it! This easy and simple craft is a great activity for little ones this Valentine's Day.