Winter Reindeer Face Paint Tutorial with Kate Dascoli

Winter Reindeer Face Paint Tutorial with Kate Dascoli

Celebrate the season with this lovely reindeer face paint tutorial, shared with us by Kate Dascoli. We were blown away by her wintry look, so she showed us just how to recreate it with our Natural Face Paints!

Supplies: Brown, white, black and red Natural Face Paintmakeup sponge, and brushes.

Step 1: Using a brush or sponge, add brown Natural Face Paint to the cheek bones and around the hair line. Line the bridge of your nose.

Step 2: Sponge white Natural Face Paint in the T-zone area and blend into the brown on the forehead.

Step 3: Using a brush, add white under the eyes to create the look of a larger “doe eye”.

Step 4: With black Natural Face Paint, line under the white of the newly created eyes, and paint the top lip. Connect the middle of the lip to the bottom of the nose with a black line.

Step 5: You can also add to the eyes, by creating eyeliner with some line design on the eyelid with black, brown and white face paint.

Step 6: Using your brown or black again, line and fill in your eyebrows.

Step 7: Create a red nose with red Natural Face Paint. Then, outline it with black.

Step 8: Finish the look with white dots of varying sizes over the brown.

Step 9: Add eyelashes with black (optional).

Step 10: Add your antlers and you're good to go! Happy Holidays!

More of a visual learner? Check out our video tutorial!

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