Our Core Values

  Operate with Integrity 

 We always prioritize what is honest, responsible, and sustainable. We provide transparency of practices, procedures, and protocols.


Pursue with Passion

 We are dedicated to a difficult pursuit. We meet challenges and innovate around obstacles. We work with love, care, and constant attention to our mission. Working with creative chemists who can think outside the box and creating truly non-toxic art supplies that did not previously exist is our passion.


Let Nature Lead

 We only produce products that are natural and safe. We use ingredients that are of the earth and eventually will go back to the earth. Our products are non-harmful for people, plants, creatures, and water systems. 


Inspire More Art

 Because creativity is foundational to the human experience, and because it makes people and communities prosper, we create opportunities for art to change, inspire, and uplift lives. 


Care for Each Other

We believe that healthy, wholesome, and genuine friendships are essential to a life well-lived. At work, we insist on real and respectful relationships and an atmosphere of fun and supportive collaboration.