NATURAL EARTH PAINT - Resources: Face Painting Tips & Tricks

Resources: Face Painting Tips & Tricks

Here are some tips and techniques for using your new face paints!

  • Allow time for paint to dry between layers to achieve a more professional and detailed application.
  • Use the enclosed make-up sponge to blend colors, to create a soft, hazy look, or to coat the entire face with one color.
  • Use tiny brushes and eyeshadow applicators for finer details. Rinse all brushes with soap and water after use so they'll be ready for your next application.
  • To speed drying time of paints, dust cornstarch over wet face paint. 
  • Mix colors to get a wider range of colors (remember, red + yellow = orange; blue + red = purple…)
  • Use black or violet to darken colors.
  • Moisten Applicators before dipping in paint to make more fluid paint





Step by Step Face Paint Tutorial: Cool Cat 

Video Tutorial: Sugar Skull Step by Step Demo


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