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Recipe: Natural Glair Earth Paint

Recipe: Natural Glair Earth Paint

Posted by Darrin Johnson on Feb 11th 2021

Glair paints were first popular during the 5th century to create illuminated manuscripts and are still preserved and vibrant today. It works best on paper and is perfect for art journaling or small paintings. Incredibly easy to make and requires only 2 ingredients!

Prep Time: 10 min.


  1. Separate yolk from whites of eggs

2. Beat egg whites into a froth that is like a meringue in consistency.

3. Let sit at room temperature several hours or overnight.

4. Gently remove the foam on top (the liquid that remains is "glair").

5. Mix 1 part glair with 1 part pigment

6. Have fun and Paint!


- Use this paint like watercolor, thinning with water if necessary. 

- Glair paint does not store well, so make enough for one painting session or store in the fridge!

Pro Tip: Now make a batch of Egg Tempera with the yolk that you separated out earlier. 

Photography by Darrin Johnson

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