Finding Love through Earth Art with Pamela Hoke

Finding Love through Earth Art with Pamela Hoke

Eco artist, Pamela Hoke, has been on an artistic journey for many years to express nature as love through her writing and art. 

She wrote the book “Natural Self Discovery,” and is currently creating a revised edition, which describes her recent move to the Pacific Northwest, her recent challenge with breast cancer, and a shift to Natural Earth Paint Kit as her new medium. Her quest to discover a more earth-friendly and body-friendly art medium came about after she received two emergency grants from The Gottleib Foundation and The Haven Foundation. After surviving the worst part of her breast cancer experience, these grants helped empower her to invest in creating her entire paint inventory with Natural Earth Pigments, as it allowed her to have one paint source through which to mix in all her favorite mediums – oil, acrylic or watercolor.

Her first collection of artworks created with The Complete Eco-friendly Oil Paint Kit was recently exhibited during the 2016 San Juan Island Artist’s Studio Tour. She embraces the freedom that earth pigments provide for her artistic growth, as she can mix with walnut oil, non-toxic acrylic, or gum arabic to create different types of paint. She is thrilled to begin to share this special way of creating art that bonds us even more to the natural world with upcoming EcoARTventures. This is an extension from her “Nature as Muse” grant funded program to help others experience their creativity safely, with nature’s support. She will also be adding a section to her book, Natural Self Discovery, titled Natural Self Recovery, to help provide step by step, daily inspiration activities to help others fully reconnect with nature.

Pamela has always been devoted to sharing nature’s love through her art and her approach to life. As she emerges into her mid-career as an artist, and into the field of ecotherapy, her focus is on learning to nurture her own body and mind, while sharing with others the immense benefits of reconnecting with nature on a deeper, more conscious level. Through respectful direct contact, learning to evolve into healthier habits, and intimate conscious moments with nature, people can re-remember how to love themselves, nature, and others – becoming healthier and more peaceful, both physically and emotionally. Research is emerging daily about how natural remedies are helping us with our physical ailments and psychological balance. Pam strives to incorporate this critical message during these increasingly stressful times through her art and process. This has led to her full shift to using Natural Earth Paint Kit.

Best known for her potent, magnified paintings and drawings, Pam expresses her love for nature through deep crevasses and contrasts, and determined, yet free spirited, flowing strokes. Whether she is drawing by pen, painting with watercolors, oils, or acrylics, she pours her love for nature as her ultimate life source, into each stroke. Her adventurous spirit transcends into her unconventional techniques regarding color, composition of subjects, and her use of her tools and mediums. Her portrayals of natural beings and natural moments, whether it be florals, landscapes or wildlife – to her, are portraits of experiencing nature’s love and wisdom.

Biography: Originally from Ohio, and a graduate of Ohio State University, Pam’s art career began in art galleries right from the start, with mural and retail design work with The Limited. She then served as special certificated Art Teacher at Martin County High School, and studio artist at the Fish House Art Gallery in Stuart Florida. Although she still visits her Florida base, she now resides on San Juan Island in Washington, near her Ecotherapy mentor, Dr. Michael Cohen and his virtual nature connecting school and serving as a substitute teacher at Friday Harbor High School.

“Each breath we take is nature lovingly inviting us to participate in living life – to me, there is no better expression of unconditional love, acceptance, and sense of belonging than when I take a breath in full consciousness in this attitude. I desire to express it and share the simple message that knowing nature is knowing love.” - Pam Hoke

For more information, please visit (360) 378-2834 or Recent originals are available on Pam’s main site, or affordable prints can be purchased at her SquareUp store:

Ashland, Oregon

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