How to Store Your Mixed Natural Oil Paints

How to Store Your Mixed Natural Oil Paints

Mixed up a batch of eco-friendly oil paint and don't know what to do with it? Here are a few options that will help you extend the life of your paints and store them for the short-term and the long-term!

Option 1: Aluminum Foil

At the end of a day's painting, scrape any leftover colors into small squares of foil, and fold the foil over so that the paint is airtight. Smudge a little bit of the color onto the outside of the foil so you can identify it later. This is a good option if you need to store your paints for a few weeks.

Option 2: Clove Oil

Add two drops of clove oil to your paints when you mix them to keep them from drying too fast. Note: Clove oil may cause your paints to darken slightly over a long period of time.

Option 3: Sponges

Put a small sponge in your palette box and add a drop or two of clove oil to the sponge to keep your paints pliant.

Option 4: Glass Jars

Smear some clove oil inside of a small glass jar and put the jar upside down over glob of paint on your glass palette.

Option 5: Cling Film

Gently lay cling film over your palette to keep your oil paints from drying. 

Option 6: Refrigerate

Put your covered palette in the fridge.

Option 7: Fill an Aluminum Tube

If you mix up a large amount of paint, store the extra paint in an aluminum paint tube

Scoop the paint with a palette knife or spatula into the tube. 

Tap the tube repeatedly to make the paint go down to the bottom and continue.

Fill the tube 3/4 full and use a putty knife to flatten the end of the tube - push down and pull backwards (folding twice).

Finally, pinch the end with flyers to get an air tight seal.

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