Make Your Own Natural Paint Brushes with Plants

Make Your Own Natural Paint Brushes with Plants

The natural world is full of great materials to create with. Make works of art with Natural Earth Paint and handmade, natural brushes for a wonderful eco-friendly crafting session! 


Our Nature Art Class had a lot of fun making natural paint brushes out of yucca plant stalks and horse tails. The Southwest Native Americans had yucca plants all around them, and used them for painting pottery and fabric. Other plants to try are mullein, iris, cattail stems, and any other plants that look like they'd be fun to paint with. Be sure to forage responsibly!

Yucca Plant Brush: Chew on the end of the stalk for a minute, and then use your fingernail or a knife to scrape the green plant material off of the fibers into a brush-like end. You can even use just one fiber for very detailed work.

Horse Tail Brush: These plants grow in lots of gardens wild and are a ready-made paint brush!

After you're finished painting, allow the paint to dry and marvel at the beautiful work of art you've made naturally!

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