Marble Art Valentines with Natural Earth Paint

Marble Art Valentines with Natural Earth Paint


  • Natural Earth Paint Kit
  • Marbles (3 or more) 
  • Construction Paper (We used Valentine colors, but any colors will work) 
  • Baking Sheet 
  • Paper Heart Doilies 
  • Scissors 
  • Pencil 
  • Glue 
  • Heart Shaped Hole Punch 
  • Twine (or any type of string) 
  • Standard Hole Punch

Step 1: Prepare your Natural Earth Paint Kit so that they have a nice fluid movement to them. Pick out what color paper you will be using. Grab your baking sheet and head over to your kitchen table.

Step 2: Drop a marble into each Natural Earth Paint Kit color, place paper onto baking sheet, and then place marbles on your construction paper. Lift baking sheet up on both sides and tilt back and forth. Watch in amazement as the art is happening right before your eyes! Re-dip marbles in paint as needed. Continue until you have the desired coverage on your page.

Step 3: While you wait for the Natural Earth Paint Kit to dry, cut out the center heart of one of the small and one of the larger paper doilies. You will be able to use the cut out heart to trace the perfect size heart on the back of your marble art.

Step 4: Once the Natural Earth Paintis completely dry, flip over your master piece and trace one of the hearts you cut out in Step 3. You can fit roughly three of each size heart on a standard size piece of construction paper. DON'T throw away your scrapes, you're not finished with those just yet.

Step 5: After you have cut out enough hearts for your special Valentine's, you can begin to glue them onto the paper doilies. Feel free to mix and match sizes and colors for more variations. Each Valentine will be unique, thanks to the Marble Art!

Step 6: Now add any finishing touches. Write a special message, draw a picture, add smaller hearts (made with the heart hole punch), sprinkle with glitter, or add any other touches you can think of. They are now ready to be given to some one you adore or hung up around the house as decorations.

Step 7: Remember those scraps we saved? We are now going to put them to use. Take the largest heart hole punch (we used the 1 1/2 in. and punch hearts out of any scapes). After you've successfully punched hearts out of the remaining scraps, you can now discard what is left. With the standard hole punch, punch two holes into each heart. Now you can feed the twine through each hole. Be sure to rotate colors to give it more depth.

Step 8: String your beautiful, new, hand made Marble Art garland some where it will be admired. You can even pair it with our Hemp Flags painted with L.O.V.E. to add a little extra LOVE to your home.

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