Natural Pottery with Earth & Mineral Pigments

Natural Pottery with Earth & Mineral Pigments

We've created a few easy-to-follow tutorials for our pottery lovers, both amateur and professional! Enjoy the vibrance of Natural Earth Paint's Earth & Mineral Pigments in your clay body with our "Colored Clay Crosshatch Bowl" tutorial or in your "Decorative Colored Slip"!

Colored Clay Crosshatch Bowl


Step 1: Make 3 quarter-pound balls of low fire clay.

Step 2: "Wedge" one teaspoon of pigment into the ball, kneading and folding until it reaches the color you desire.

Step 3: Repeat with your second ball and a different pigment, leaving the third ball uncolored.

Step 4: Roll the three balls into flat slabs of equal size.

Step 5: Stack the slabs and trim the edges.

Step 6: Cut the slab into equal strips.

Step 7: Cut the strips into 2 centimeter thick squares, revealing the striped pattern of the colored clay.

Step 8: Place the squares in a pattern of your choosing. Cover with paper.

Step 9: Using a rolling pin, flatten the clay to create one large slab.

Step 9: Place the slab over a bowl mold and leave to dry.

Step 10: Finish the piece by trimming and firing at the temperature required of the clay.

Decorative Colored Slip


Step 1: Mix equal parts bone dry clay and water until the clay is completely dissolved.

Step 2: Add 1 teaspoon of pigment per 6 ounces of slip and mix until the pigment is incorporated.

Step 3: Repeat with other colors, if desired.

Step 4: Paint the colored slip onto leather hard clay.

Step 5: Finish by firing. 

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