NEW Zero Waste Product Line for 2022!

NEW Zero Waste Product Line for 2022!

Real talk, Natural Earth Paint family: 2022 is the year of embracing imperfection. 

We've spent years perfecting our packaging aesthetics and eco-friendliness, and as a green business, we've come a long way (you can learn more about our eco-friendly packaging and practices here). But recently, we realized that many of our customers aren't actually looking for perfect packaging; they just want the quality of our pigments delivered in the most eco-friendly way possible.

So, while we're still offering the Earth & Mineral Pigments you know and love in our recyclable and compostable packaging, we're also introducing our brand-new Earth & Mineral Pigments - Zero Waste Option and Natural Earth Paint - Zero Waste Option this January! Though we can't guarantee perfect shipping every time for this option, we wanted to get it on our website ASAP, because we can't let perfect be the enemy of doing good for the planet. 

Want to make an earth-conscious suggestion on how you think we can improve our products, practices, and packaging? Feel free to get in touch!

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