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Fine Art Supplies

Natural Earth Paint

Earth & Mineral Pigments


Natural Earth & Mineral Pigments are available in either 3 oz. or 1 lb. packages. Please note, pigments are sold by weight (not volume), so the appearance of quantity will vary between different colors. Visit our Natural Paint Recipes page to create...

Natural Varnish


100% Non-toxic and Natural Varnish Made with plant-based, archival ingredients using time tested recipes from the Renaissance.  Very Fast-drying to a Water Clear, Glossy Finish Enhances depth of color and richness  Superior...

Natural Earth Paint

Eco Gesso Kit


We’re very excited to introduce the world’s first eco-friendly and vegan gesso for artists. Our naturally non-toxic, gesso is a professional, archival-quality kit that is perfect for earth and health-conscious artists.  Made with...

Natural Watercolor Kit


Make your own professional quality and vibrant watercolor paints with our Natural Watercolor Kit. By making the paints yourself, you eliminate the toxic preservatives, fillers, additives, heavy metals and petroleum based pigments found in conventional...

Natural Earth Paint



We proudly present our non-toxic, all-natural Eco-Solve, the finest professional paint thinner on the market. Representing a major breakthrough in art material technology, Eco-Solve is a sterling example of Natural Earth Paint’s commitment to...

Natural Earth Paint

Refined Walnut Oil, 8 oz.


Refined walnut oil is a perfect medium for working with earth pigments. Slow-drying, non-toxic, and all-natural this is a time-tested medium with great workability. Unlike linseed oil, this product doesn’t yellow over time and its unique refractive...

Natural Earth Paint

Gum Arabic Powder


Gum arabic is a natural gum made of the hardened sap of various species of the acacia tree. It is used as a binder in many paint recipes including Professional Watercolors and Gouache. It is dissolved in water to make an adhesive binder. 3 oz. of gum...

Natural Earth Paint



The Paint Mixing Tools Kit The Paint Mixing Tools Kit includes: (1) 11" x 14" glass palette, (1) large hand-crafted glass muller and (1) paint mixing palette knife (see individual descriptions below). Save money on each item by buying as a set...

Natural Earth Paint

Natural Impasto Medium


Thicken or extend your oil paint naturally without toxins and preservatives. Using the same ingredients and techniques as the Renaissance Old Masters, this is a time tested, archival and easy way to create impasto effects or thicken / extend paint...

Natural Earth Paint

Color Mixing Chart


Learn how to create beautiful and varied hues of earth oil paint with this easy to follow chart. Using the natural earth oil paint colors, this color chart shows how to create many color mixtures and beautiful possibilities. It also shows how each...

Natural Earth Paint

Pinerite Natural Hand Cleaner


Pinerite - All Natural Colorado Pine Soap This heavy-duty soap is the most effective AND sustainably made hand soap for removing oil paint that we have found.  Made from fallen pine trees in Colorado, it's full of antioxidants and also...