Painted Pumpkin Thanksgiving Centerpiece with Earth & Mineral Pigments

Painted Pumpkin Thanksgiving Centerpiece with Earth & Mineral Pigments

Thanksgiving is a beautiful time to gather with loved ones and share our gratitude over a delicious meal. Make your Thanksgiving table just as beautiful with this Painted Pumpkin Thanksgiving Centerpiece!


*You can purchase your wooden box at any craft store, but before you buy new, consider heading to your local thrift store for some pre-loved finds! Secondhand items are full of unique character, and they're eco-friendly, too!

Step 1: Prepare Your Paint

Add a small amount of each Earth & Mineral Pigment you're using onto your paint palette. Prepare your binder of choice according to the recipe (we used our Natural Gouache Paint Recipe, but you can also use our Natural Acrylic Medium instead!). 

Then, mix your preferred binder with each pigment you're using according to the recipe. 

Step 2 (Optional): Sketch Your Design

You can paint your design freehand, but taking a moment to sketch out where you want your pumpkin design to be can also help later in the painting process!

Step 3: Paint by Color

Start with one color, and paint away! We suggest starting with whichever color is located on the top of your design, so you don't smudge the design with your hand while painting other portions if that layer doesn't dry completely in between colors. We started with Emerald Green...

...then laid down some Orange Ochre...

...added some detail with Yellow Ochre...

...and finished up with a bit of Natural Gold Mica!

Step 3: Finishing Touches

Once the pumpkin design is complete, use the leftover paint to add a little color to the rest of the box. The more creative, the better!

Step 4: Dry & Fill

Once your box is dry, you can fill it with decorations of your choice. Fall foliage is lovely, but faux flowers will also do in a pinch. Happy Thanksgiving!

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