Protecting & Creating with What You Love with Christine Aspegren

Protecting & Creating with What You Love with Christine Aspegren

When an artist receives a startling diagnosis caused by their beloved conventional art supplies, one of two things happen; they're forced to quit doing what they love, or they're lucky enough to find a safe, natural alternative like Natural Earth Paint. Christine Aspegren is one such artist; after developing a serious reaction to her conventional paints, she discovered Natural Earth Paint, and the rest is history! We spoke with Christine this month to learn more about her natural painting journey.

Could you please tell us about your artistic background? Where did you first learn to paint, and what drew you to the medium? What life experiences have affected your art the most?

Living on ranches globally and sailing the Pacific for decades created a vision of colors and shapes from my immersion in the natural world. This organically became a visible narrative in my art. I have always loved nature, and painting is a journey of discovery, an identification with the oneness and the nourishment of the natural world and the universal fields. For me, it’s a world where there are no limits and I can follow my heart to greater things.

You’ve shared a little bit of your health journey with us, but we’d love to hear more about how you found Natural Earth Paint. What made you seek out natural, non-toxic art supplies in the first place, and why did you choose Earth & Mineral Pigments for your creative practice?

Due to health reactions to traditional paints, I had to develop a technique using non-toxic, non-synthetic materials or stop painting. I had no idea this would lead to using creativity to imagine a new awareness and embrace the flow of energy in natural pigments in harmony with nature, as well as my dedication to championing environmentalism and conservation with the motto "Protect What You Love."

What art supplies do you use now in your painting practice, and how has incorporating Natural Earth Paint and other natural materials impacted your creative work?

Foraging for natural pigments from exposed cliffs along the coast of California and using the colors the earth gives me has had a positive impact on my health and sparked a deeper connection to the ongoing cycles of nature.

When I need other colors of natural pigments, I get support from forward-thinking companies with visionary principles. The beauty of finding a company like Natural Earth Paint that is environmentally conscious is a gift of a shared purpose of securing the future of the planet. I use Natural Earth Paint and their amazing Natural Acrylic Medium which is non-toxic, plant-based and petroleum free. This product makes painting a satisfying and easy process and allows me to use natural materials even to varnish paintings. 

What are the main inspirations for your work?

A reverence for the ocean informs much of my work, and the natural beach-sourced materials are the heart of my paintings. Working with natural materials feels like a Renaissance Revival for a lyrical abstract painter, as well as a platform for exploring earth materials and supporting Mother Earth by contributing a percentage of each painting sale to organizations and individuals that have practical strategies for creating a path to honor life on earth.

Where can our audience see more of (or purchase!) your work?

My website is, my email is, and you can find me on Instagram and Facebook at

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