Eco-Friendly Christmas Ornaments with Natural Earth Paint

Eco-Friendly Christmas Ornaments with Natural Earth Paint

For an eco-friendly alternative to plastic Christmas ornaments, give these gorgeous handmade, DIY wooden ornaments (featuring our Earth & Mineral Pigments) a try this holiday season!


Step 1: Sketch Your Design

Sketch the image you plan to paint onto the wood slices. These sketches don't need to be neat or precise, just light, since you'll be painting over them!

Step 2: Mix & Layer

Mix a small amount of each Earth & Mineral Pigment color you want to use with your binder of choice. We recommend our Natural Acrylic Medium or Natural Gouache Paint recipe for this project, but you can use any binder you like! For a project that's easy on younger artists, our Natural Earth Paint Kit is also a great choice–just add water! Then add your first layer of paint. The first color you add should be the base color for the rest of your design. 

Step 2: Add Colorful Details

Once your base layer is dry to the touch, add details with your additional colors. We added Ultramarine BlueOrange Ochre, and Venetian Red, but you can use any colors that suit your design. 

Step 3: Embellish with Sparkle 

Once your additional details are dry to the touch, add some shine to the design with sparkly mica paint! We went with a holiday classic, Natural Gold Mica, but you can also use Natural Silver Mica or Natural Copper Mica in your paint for an extra-special sparkly twist. 

Step 4: Repeat & Dry

Repeat Steps 1 through 3 for your remaining ornaments. When you've painted each one, allow the paint to fully dry according to the paint recipe you're using before the next step. 

Step 5: Varnish

To protect your handmade ornaments for years to come, apply Natural Varnish to each ornament for a glossy, durable finish. Allow the ornaments to fully dry before the next step. 

Step 7: Thread & Enjoy

To hang your ornament, cut a piece of twine or ribbon, thread it through the hole at the top of your ornament, and tie it tightly, leaving a large enough loop for you to hang it somewhere for all to enjoy. Happy holidays!

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