Fairy & Leprechaun Houses with Natural Earth Paint

Fairy & Leprechaun Houses with Natural Earth Paint



Step 1: Mixing Your Paint

Mix your Natural Earth Paint. The Natural Earth Paint Kit will have the necessary materials to do this. Scoop a few spoonfuls of the pigment into a mixing cup. Add the same amount of water to the powder and stir. 

Note: If you would like a permanent paint, you can use our Natural Acrylic Medium and Earth & Mineral Pigments in a wide range of colors!

Step 2: Paint Away!

Paint your sticks for your fairy and leprechaun home. Leprechauns especially love green and gold, but they also love all colors of the rainbow!

Step 3: Leprechaun Gold

If you want to make leprechaun gold, you can use our Natural Acrylic Medium and our Earth & Mineral Pigments in Gold Mica. Mix a little bit of your Natural Acrylic Medium and a scoop of Gold Mica and blend these two together.

Step 4: Build Your Home

There are many types of homes that you can build for a leprechaun or fairy - the possibilities are endless. We lined the sticks up and covered the top with bark. Then, we lined a pathway with stones and leprechaun gold leading up to the house. Now it's ready for a leprechaun to live in!

Feel free to make furnishings too out of sticks, wood chips and stones.

More of a visual learner? Check out our video tutorial!

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